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About Jeremy

Jeremy is a dynamic passionate leader in the marketplace, his community, and as a father and husband. Jeremy has invested the past 25 years in building teams, developing people, and growing organizations all in the healthcare space that has impacted millions of lives across the country.

About TrestleTree

TrestleTree was founded in 2001 on the belief that anyone, regardless of motivation level, can change difficult health behaviors and sustain those changes long-term. TrestleTree has a whole-person focus and establishes a safe and trusted space where participants can share the messiness of their lives, addresses the shame and difficulties that have defined their longstanding weight loss efforts and struggles with other chronic conditions.

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About Outfielder Studio

Outfielder Studio is a full service commercial production company focused on capturing the human experience in the healthcare space. Our belief is that by engaging and educating your members through thoughtful video content, you'll ultimately enrich their lives through meaningful connection and a sharper understanding of their health.

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